We are looking for technicians and freelancers with a client portfolio as well as distributors who are already in this market and who collaborate with us in the distribution of our products.

If you think you have this profile and are interested in increasing your income within this magnificent and gigantic sector, do not hesitate to continue reading as this is going to interest you.


The vermiculture market is growing exponentially, mainly due to the increase in organic agriculture and the need to extend agricultural frontiers to semi-desert lands.

As data we can say that almost 40% of organic matter consumers prefer worm humus, compared to other fertilizers (beef manure, sheep manure, chicken manure, peat, etc.). This compost is of such quality that it is marketed in nurseries, hypermarkets, end consumers, golf courses, forestry, agriculture, organic crops, crops under cover and hydroponic crops.

Finally, it should be noted that the organic market is booming, not only because of its benefits for human consumption, but also because the authorities have realized that an urgent renewal of everything established in the market for chemical fertilizers is necessary, which is giving so much that speak and not for their good news.

In this booming market, one of its greatest exponents is VERMICOMPOST.


If you already “use” worm castings, and you are a person with a vision of the future and who wants job stability, you are our ideal partner.

However, we are looking above all for people with experience in agriculture, but who are committed to the field and have a healthy vision of it. People who trust that things can be done better and who want to enjoy a better future.

Above all we look for honest people and companies

We are particularly interested in the following profiles of people or companies:

  • ENGINEERS: Autonomous agronomic engineers with experience and with a portfolio who work in the sector and who need to help their clients with a vermicompost of the highest quality.
  • FARMERS: With a vision of the future, who use earthworm humus and who want to increase their income by recommending the best humus on the market.
  • COMMERCIALS: Independent people with experience in the sector and who want to start in this sector independently.
  • ENTREPRENEURS: Who want to form a future in the world of vermiculture in a professional way, to create a growing business.
  • DISTRIBUTORS: Distributors who want to distribute our products en cualquier país de Europa.


If you are interested in collaborating with us, call us or fill out the form and we will contact you:

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