Periodically, Lombrimadrid studies the agricultural market in search of new areas within European Union countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, or any other that is interesting at all times. If you have previous experience in agriculture and are interested in distributing our system, call us or send us a message Here

Yes, we supply the entire peninsula, as well as Portugal and all of Europe.

In our team we have personnel with scientific training, and we collaborate with important research centers, with which we carry out quality controls and develop new biological control products.

No. microorganisms are naturally present in any healthy soil and are harmless to humans.

Sometimes plants are not able to capture nutrients even though they are present in the soil. The problem is that they are not in chemical forms assimilable by the plant, or that the pH of the soil is not adequate. In these cases, it is useless to add more nutrients to the soil, but to find the most appropriate way to transform these nutrients into forms that can be assimilated by the plant.

Certain microorganisms perform the natural function of transforming non-assimilable inorganic molecules into others easily assimilated by the plant’s root. Therefore, solid humus is an excellent soil unblocker. They can also decontaminate, that is, modify toxic substances present in the soil, in other harmless ones for the crop.

Yes, worm castings are suitable for all types of crops, and we can advise you on how to apply it to each crop.

Yes, we organize vermiculture courses for people or companies interested in setting up a profitable industrial worm castings. These courses are all based on the most efficient organic farming.

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