Vermicompost is considered the highest quality natural compost in the world


humus de lombriz

Vermicompost is the product resulting from all the chemical and biological processes suffered by organic matter.

The worm humus is the result of the digestive transformation that this small animal exerts on organic matter.

That is, the earthworm has the ability to biodegrade organic matter in a matter of hours, which naturally takes months, thanks to the powerful action of its digestive system, generating a product with a uniform granular texture, cylindrical shape, coloration. dark brown or black and with a pleasant aroma of fresh earth.

The earthworm humus is composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and all the macro and microelements that are used to give it origin.


The beneficial microflora contained in worm humus is not matched by any similar fertilizer, presenting a bacterial content of up to two billion colonies per gram of sample; which makes it the best inoculator for life in the soils that use it.

Humus has a magnet action, which makes it possible for the soils that contain it to present a better structure, because it acts as a bonding cement between the soil particles, giving rise to granular structures that allow optimal root development, improvement gaseous exchange activates soil microorganisms, increases the oxidation of organic matter and therefore the delivery of nutrients in chemical forms assimilated by plants, thus stimulating plant growth.


  1. Detoxifies soils contaminated with chemicals and even heavy metals.
  2. Increases defenses against pests and diseases in crops.
  3. It favors an increase in production.
  4. Saves between 15 and 25% of irrigation water, due to its high water capacity.
  5. It has a neutral PH so it helps to restore the balance of the plant.
  6. It inoculates large quantities of beneficial microorganisms to the soil, that is, it sows life.
  7. Activates the biological processes of the soil
  8. It is the best natural rooting medium.
  9. Improves flavor by raising the sugar level in the fruit.
  10. Improves the structural conditions of soils by rebalancing them.
  11. Improves the general health of the crop.
  12. Offers plants a complete and healthy fertilization
  13. Is chemical free
  14. Increases the size and vigor of the plant.
  15. It does not attract harmful insects (mosquitoes, flies, pathogenic bacteria, etc.).
  16. It does not stain or has any smell, just a soft forest perfume.
  17. Suitable for use in organic farming.

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humus de lombriz

The earthworm humus, on the other hand, has a homostatic (buffer) effect, since it moderates the acidity changes and neutralizes the toxic organic compounds that reach it through contamination, providing the soil with greater defenses against bacterial and fungal invasions, dangerous for the plants.

Another important characteristic of humus is its ability to behave as a plant growth stimulating hormone, since it is known that 1 mg / lt of humus is equivalent in activity to 0.01 mg / lt of A.I.A; important factor in the clonal propagation of plants.

It provides the soil with a stability in pH close to neutrality, where chemical and microbiological processes develop with greater intensity, resulting in better nutrition and health of the plant.



Below is a list with the minimum recommended dosages for the different uses. It is important to mention that there is no excess dose in humus, as occurs with other types of fertilizers (manures, mulches, chemicals, etc).

Plant type Quantity Frequency
Prairies 800g/m2 1 time during the season
Grass 500 gr. a 1kg/m2 1 time during the season
Horticultural 1kg/m2 1 time during the season
Seedbeds 20% of the substrate 1 time during the season
Background fertilizer 8-10kg/m2 1 time during the season
Transplant 0.5kg – 2kg per tree  1 time during the season
Ornamental 150 grams / plant  1 time during the season
Rose bushes and woody 0,5 gr – 1 kg / m2  1 time during the season
Hedges 100 – 200 grams / plant  1 time during the season
Land reclamation 4000 kg / Ha  1 time during the season
Fruit trees 2 kg. per tree  1 time during the season


“Not all vermicompost are the same.”

By means of very careful processes, Lombrimadrid’s worm humus manufacturing system is generally carried out in four phases:

  • Selection of raw material.
  • Pre-composting process.
  • Vermicomposting process.
  • Humidification process.

seleccion de estiercolEach of the processes involves a series of jobs, the establishment of optimal conditions and a minimum period of between 9 and 15 months. the raw materials, the climate, the work processes, the time and the experience of the years in the manufacture provides a humus of high quality and of extreme purity that will benefit the crops more as long as the entire process performed properly.

compostLombrimadrid has been making hummus for more than 20 years. This experience has always been aimed at achieving the highest quality of the product. In collaboration with research centers, field tests and by creating its own processes of maximum efficiency and minimization of resources, Lombrimadrid has achieved maximum effectiveness in the product.