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Welcom to our website. More and more people are looking for sustainable systems to fertilize gardens and crops, instead of chemicals that seriously damage the environment and our health and that of our children.

Buying vermicompost seems like a simple task, but nothing is further from the truth. From our website we invite you to try a quality vermicompost, either from our company or from any other, to verify that, without causing any damage to the earth, you get products of unbeatable quality and a higher production in agriculture, as well as a great beauty in gardening.

We assure you that not all vermicompost are the same. The manufacturing process, the materials, the times. Everything matters. If you need the best, buying vermicompost, in Lombrimadrid is the best.


humus de lombriz

The world of vermiculture is growing exponentially, mainly due to the increase in organic farming and as a long-term model for sustainable agriculture.

As reflected in a 2009 study by the University of Oviedo, almost 40% of compost or organic matter users use vermicompost among other types of compost such as chicken manure, peat, sheep or beef manure, for its incredible qualities. It is also a natural product certified ecologically by EEC regulation no. 2092/91. and what you can see here: ministry of agriculture and fisheries.

From Lombrimadrid, we strive every day to spread the incredible benefits of vermicompost and how important the quality of the process is. We are happy to see that more and more people use it, more for its qualities and we see how it is marketed in nurseries, hypermarkets, final consumers, golf courses, forestry, agriculture, organic crops, indoor crops and hydroponic crops.

The earth needs life to complete its natural cycle and the vermicompost contains it, helping from eternity in this cycle to complete the whole process. From Lombrimadrid, we know it, we spread this natural way, as simple to use as it is powerful, and we strive to treat the entire process with the care it deserves.

The largest manufacturer of vermicompost

At this moment we have several worm farmings in different parts of Spain.