What is vermicompost?

Not all vermicompost are the same. We tell you why.

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Earthworms for breeding or farms

Earthworms for breeding or farms

California earthworms raised for the best worm castings in the world.

Humus de Lombriz


The best natural fertilizer. All the essential nutrients your crop needs.

Since we founded our company, our goal has been to rehabilitate life in the soil, which is the basis for creating fertile soil.

For this we have researched for more than 15 years to make the best worm castings on the market. Almost no one doubts that worm compost is the best natural fertilizer that exists. But not all hummus are the same. From Lombrimadrid we select the best worms and carry out the most effective and efficient natural processes on the market.

We have created an earthworm humus, based on all those parameters that we consider vital to achieve a healthy, productive, economical and environmentally friendly crop. We tell you our maxims since we started:

  1. Rehabilitate the soil
  2. Feed the plants
  3. Prevent and cure diseases and pests.